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Free-Images PRO Review

I’m on several mailing lists offering a variety of products which I look at if I feel they will meet a need as I move forward in this Internet Marketing journey to success.

This past week a product called Free-Images Pro written by DylanC came to my attention costing a little more than $7.00 and I thought I would take the time to have a look at what it offered because I am always on the lookout for either free or inexpensive ways of including images and photos in my products or blogs.

I was able to design a free eBook cover using in less than 5 minutes with background, image and title which is pretty impressive for my first time.


This package is very well priced with 42 pages of information laid out in 19 chapters that include more than 100 links to sites providing photos,  images, graphics and much more. Read the rest of this entry

Slowly, Slowly Progress is Made

Well, here we are a little more than a week later and you must be wondering what has been going on since I last wrote this blog.

The big event of the week was  Wednesday morning when  I had to get  up at 6:30 AM (I am so not a morning person!) to  drive my son David to the airport to catch the first  flight of his journey to Nairobi.

He will be traveling in Africa for 2 months and meanwhile guess who is looking after the dog Lola? That’s right, little old me, so now I have to get my work done between walkies morning, noon and night. :-) Good thing she is very cute!

I am  in the middle of another week of hard work after a very busy week behind me with a ton  of learning and of course,  a few mishaps along the way.

I learned how to change the appearance of the site by customizing the color scheme and having a very cool pattern wallpaper on either side of the main page. Read the rest of this entry

My Incredible Journey to Success


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog as I progress from newbie to successful Internet Marketer.

First off, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Nadine Howard of, retired IT project manager having worked 24 years at the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver, Canada. I began my career there as a  Numerical Analyst, (yes, I love numbers!), retrained as a database developer, then moved into project management for the IT department. I  completed several Business Analysis courses a few years ago which I enjoyed very much.

As you can see, I have a lot of different skill sets and have always looked forward to learning even more. I love to travel and have been to Portugal, Mexico several times, France a couple of times, Belgium where I was born and have returned to on several occasions, the UK, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Australia.

I live with my two awesome cats Cannelle and Bella who never cease to make me laugh with their daily antics as they chase each other all over the apartment and in the summer find the 3-inch wide rail of the balcony to be the best location to overlook what goes on in the outside world. My heart stops when they turn on a dime to walk back to where they started but they are both very nonchalant about it. Just a trick all cats can do, don’t you know.

I have two grown children, Claudine and David, who live nearby and visit often when they are not off traveling the world. Claudine spent a term in Hong Kong as an exchange student when she attended the University of Victoria making the most of her location to visit China, Singapore, Macao and other South Eastern countries, then spent 2 years in Melbourne, Australia, a few years ago after working many years in the investment industry, here in Vancouver. She is starting a new job next week which is very exciting.

David works for Electronic Arts as a modeler and project lead on new game releases. He is the artistic one in the family and has helped me in the past with designing website banners for my sites. Unfortunately for me, he is off to Africa this week for 2 months and I will have to figure out how to get a new banner designed for this site.

I act as dog-sitter for David’s precious little dog Lola when he goes off on extended vacations. Last year he was away a total of 8 weeks, starting in Bali where he obtained his deep sea diving ticket, moving on to New Zealand for 2 weeks packed full of adventures and finishing with 3 weeks in Australia where he received his advanced deep sea diving ticket.

As you can see, both of them inherited the travel bug from me!

After retirement, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands even with volunteering and league bowling twice a week but mostly I had very little to occupy my mind. I have always had to learn new skills throughout my life and I found myself so bored I decided to start an internet business of my own.

I liked the idea of having a passive income to fund my travels requiring minimal activity while away from home.

Well, a few years and many dollars later I have yet to make any kind of money! A few dollars now and then has been the only reward I have had for all the efforts expanded.

Just before this last Christmas, I  said to my friend Laura that the only way to really make money online is by having a product to sell, so here I am in the process of doing just that. This past January, I attended a webinar given by Marc Milburn and made the decision to become one of his coaching students.

Marc is a successful 7-figure internet marketer who will guide me to achieve my goals: develop a product, build a responsive client list and make money online. Once I have made my first $1.00 sale, I am confident I can repeat the process until I reach $100.00, then $1000.00 and continue to grow.

I plan to document my journey to a successful online business right here, so stay tuned for more installments as I move forward step by step towards my goals.

You never know. You may even learn something that makes your journey into an online business easier as you read about my mistakes and my successes.

Hopefully, you’ll have the time to read my post each week and if you do I’d appreciate if you took the time to post a comment letting me know what you think.

Until next week!