Goal Setting

Goal Setting

We all have goals we want to achieve. Some are short term, some are long term and others really don’t have a clear deadline that we can see. All of them are important to us. They give us a way to look forward and provide us with feelings of accomplishments once we achieve them. Just the lift we need from time to time :-)

Each of us has a different set of goals based on our past experience, our age, our hopes and aspirations and what we want out of life. Some dream of getting a college education, some want to get married and have children, others want to save for a home or retirement or want to travel the world.

No matter what our goals may be we need to focus on our own needs ignoring what others around us as doing. It is our life we are planning, our future, our happiness. We are the one responsible and in charge. What anyone else does is irrelevant and only acts as a distraction on our path to achievement.

Each one of us decides on what makes us “whole”. We not only  have goals that relate to our careers.  We  also have goals for our physical and mental health, personal relationships, educational achievements, recreational activities, our social network and many others. Some goals may be family oriented while others are very personal.

No matter what kind of goal we are talking about the definition of reaching the end can be different for various people. I may want to learn Spanish to get by when I travel to Mexico and South America while my neighbor wants to be able to read ‘Don Quixote’ by Cervantes in the original text.

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