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All right, you’ve started to write a blog on your favorite niche topic, spending hours researching, writing, editing and fine tuning each blog post and you are feeling really good about the quality of information you are providing your readers but you really don’t have a clue how your readers feel about any of it.

What to do? You need to know what exact information your readers want from you, what is of utmost importance to them right now, how you can improve or modify your content to satisfy their needs and provide value. After all, you are not writing these posts for yourself but for the people out there who are wanting to learn from you.

What you need are some type of feedback forms or survey tools you can use to canvas your readership and find out where you need to focus your attention in future posts to provide them with what they need.

WordPress has specific plugins to obtain feedback in the quickest and easiest way possible with either no or minimal interruption in the reader experience. Once yo start using these plugins you will have a more focused understanding of what your readers think. It may not always be positive, but hey we all learn by listening to what others have to say.


Feedback form




The Feedweb Plugin is a simple and easy way to promote and improve your blog. By activating the plugin you can freely insert customized rating widgets into your selected posts.

Choose questions you want to ask your readers and get comprehensive and precise feedback about your blog. The Blog Rating Widget is an attractive animated visual element that will improve your ratings! it is available in Free, Plus and Pro versions.

You can see more of the plugin by watching this video.

JotForm Feedback Button

User Feedback Jotform




Feedback button is a great way to help you improve your web site. If you are not aware of the problems on your web site you can’t fix them.

Feedback buttons are great to get feedback from your website visitors. Since it is easy to send a message to you without leaving the page they will improve the quality and the quantity of the feedback you receive from your visitors.

Available free from the WordPress plugin database.


Webengage Feedback, Survey

Webengage Feedback, Survey





With WebEngage you can get feedback from your customers allowing them to report issues or suggest ideas.

You can collect customer insights by conducting in-site short product feedback surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation surveys and more.

You can analyze all the data you collect using  powerful reporting and analytics modules.

You can drive conversion and push sales on your website using  in-site notifications to offer discount code, push a feature update message to all your visitors or announce a downtime on your website.

To get a feel for this tool watch a  short video or take an online demo to see how thing will look on your site.

WebEngage is available free from WordPress  or as a paid version.

Usernoise Pro Modal FeedBack/Contact Form





Usernoise Pro is a minimalistic WordPress plugin for gathering and discussing users’ feedback and  engaging them in communication.

One of its main features is a model feedback window with item discussions that has a responsive design with a number of typographic presets.

All feedback can be categorized within 4 built-in categories that are editable. It’s also multisite compatible and allows you to reply to feedback right from your email client when receiving the notification email.

Available from codecanyon.net for $11.00.

FeedBack and Modal Contact Form

User Feedback and modal graphic

User Feedback and Modal Contact Form





Modal Feedback and Modal Contact Form by Social Intents helps you engage your visitors early and often with an easy to set up popover contact form.

Quickly learn about problems, gather new ideas, and get an overall view of customer satisfaction. The Feedback widget gives you private, unbiased, and instant user feedback.

Instead of a separate page or sidebar, Feedback brings extra attention by popping up an in-page feedback form.

Customize targeting rules, add your css and your logo. Best of all, it won’t slow your site down one bit.

Available free from the WordPress database. You will need a Social Intents account.

You can sign up for a free trial at http://www.socialintents.com.






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