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I’m on several mailing lists offering a variety of products which I look at if I feel they will meet a need as I move forward in this Internet Marketing journey to success.

This past week a product called Free-Images Pro written by DylanC came to my attention costing a little more than $7.00 and I thought I would take the time to have a look at what it offered because I am always on the lookout for either free or inexpensive ways of including images and photos in my products or blogs.

I was able to design a free eBook cover using http://www.createspace.com/Tools/CoverCreator.jsp in less than 5 minutes with background, image and title which is pretty impressive for my first time.


This package is very well priced with 42 pages of information laid out in 19 chapters that include more than 100 links to sites providing photos,  images, graphics and much more.

Well written and organised  it also provides some html coding to be used when showing the attribution of the material or embedding from Facebook or Twitter.

Includes screen shots of various results when using these free sites to give an idea of what to expect.


  • Free photos, images, Clipart, cartoons, comics and graphics sites
  • Free Sales page creators
  • Free banners, background, logos and buttons creators
  • Free eBook cover creators
  • How to use images from website press and media section
  • Free image editing programs
  • List of best paid images sites


  • Inexpensive for the amount of material provided
  • Covers all types of image type media
  • Includes examples, coding and advice
  • How to instructions of some products


  • I would have liked to see more images

Overall: This little gem will save me many hours of searching for freebies! Love it.

Here is a free photo from ImageAfter.com



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