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Well, here we are a little more than a week later and you must be wondering what has been going on since I last wrote this blog.

The big event of the week was  Wednesday morning when  I had to get  up at 6:30 AM (I am so not a morning person!) to  drive my son David to the airport to catch the first  flight of his journey to Nairobi.

He will be traveling in Africa for 2 months and meanwhile guess who is looking after the dog Lola? That’s right, little old me, so now I have to get my work done between walkies morning, noon and night. :-) Good thing she is very cute!

I am  in the middle of another week of hard work after a very busy week behind me with a ton  of learning and of course,  a few mishaps along the way.

I learned how to change the appearance of the site by customizing the color scheme and having a very cool pattern wallpaper on either side of the main page.

I had to choose the  color several times before I was satisfied with the results but I’m really happy with it now. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I then moved the menu bar below the header where I think it looks better and added several pages, although they are empty right now so don’t bother clicking on  any of them as you will be disappointed when you find nothing but the words “Coming soon…” ;-)

I signed up to the most common social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ using my two new gmail accounts created solely for administering this website.

This keeps my personal and internet marketing life separate. Much less confusing for me.

I already had a personal Facebook page, so it was easy to add what is known as a fan page to it which will be used only for me to comment about Internet Marketing topics.

I also had a personal Twitter account and Google+ profile and discovered that I MUST sign out of  my personal gmail account and sign into the new gmail account before I can tweet on the new Twitter or else the entry shows up on both pages. :-(

For instance, I was tweeting on my personal account when I noticed the tweet was also showing up on my new Internet Marketing  Tweet list at https://twitter.com/NadineHowardIM.

Needless to say, my future IM followers will not be interested in my daily life and my friends couldn’t care less about Internet Marketing so I must remember to sign out of one account before using the other.

The same is true for Facebook I found when I tested it out. This was not what I was expecting at all but hey, I’m happy I discovered this quirk right at the beginning before private photos and such showed up in the wrong account.

I also had to burn a RSS feed and make it functional when I ran into some problem with this as well.

The issue is now resolved thanks to the fantastic help I received from Eddy, Marc’s admin guru. Turns out there was an extra space in the url address. Computers are very fussy!

I installed the Google Analytics  for WordPress plugin to the site to track the traffic visiting and will help me identify what is popular with my readership.

I learned out that there are 7 types of blog posts which I will be using to keep things interesting for you readers. I definitely don’t want to be boring and put you all to sleep.

The one I find the most daunting is the video post because I am not used to being filmed when I speak so I’ll need a lot of practice before I feel comfortable and come across naturally.

Mind you, it could be interesting too if you all get a good laugh out of watching me rambling on some topic or other. :-)

We’ll see what develops.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s post.

Until next time!

PS. I meant to post this yesterday but forgot to click on the publish button! Can’t believe I did that. I’ll be more alert next time, that’s for sure.

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