10 Golden Nuggets on List Building Strategies

Target, Segment, Go Viral!

Every new entrepreneur on the web or any new business starts out without a list of followers or customers and asks themselves the question: “How do I build a list of people who will be interested in what I have to offer?”

A targeted list of email subscribers doesn’t just happen overnight through luck; it has to be built one subscriber at a time and can be a long drawn out process if you don’t know how to go about it.

You are looking for a responsive list that wants to hear from you on a regular basis and values the information you provide.

How to Separate the Clooneys From the Carrot Tops in Your Email List

How to Separate the Clooneys From the Carrot Tops in Your Email List

“Summer in Hollywood is about blockbuster movies and celebrity sightings. In the world of red carpets and premiere parties, stars range from A-listers like George Clooney to, well, not so highly rated celebs, like Carrot Top. The same could be said for your email customer contact list.”

“Think of your most valuable, highly engaged email contacts as your own “A-list,” and your least valuable, maybe even inactive, contacts as your “D-list.”” Read more

Ultimate Guide: 11 Sign-Up Strategies for Building Your Email List


Once you build an audience (of email subscribers), anything is possible.

“The truth is that building an engaged and sizable email list is hands-down the most long-term, profit-generating investment you can make.

In fact, a McKinsey study reveals that email is a whopping 40 times more powerful at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. On top of that, the average email-based order’s dollar value is 17% higher than social media channels.

That’s the good news.” Read more

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Video Production

I’ve been away for a good two weeks already. I  just can’t believe how fast time is going by while I move forward in my Internet journey  acquiring new software tools and learning new skills while I master each tool to help me reach my goal.

A challenge was issued to my Internet coaching group to find a PLR product, rebrand it, re-write the sales letter and integrate it with a payment process, put the whole thing online and document the process in the form of a screencast video.

I can never resist a challenge :-).

First, I needed a plan on how to achieve this goal of producing a video product. I used to do project management so I’m used to breaking down any project into a list of tasks to be done in a sequential manner to finally arrive at the finish line.

Alright, what was needed?

  1. PLR product with a license that would allow me to make changes and publish as my own product.
  2. New domain name for online access of video product.
  3. New graphics for cover and minisite where the finished product would be sold.
  4. Editor to rewrite the sales letter which is in HTML.
  5. Form where buyers would enter their name and email address to purchase the product, also known as a squeeze page.
  6. Software to capture my computer screen in video format as I went about documenting the changes I was making to the original product, sales letter and so on.
  7. Software to create slides for introduction and conclusion of video.

I purchased a PLR e-Book product called “Social Media Marketing 101″, came up with a new title for the e-Book and the video presentation and secured a new domain name.

Then, I went to create the introductory slides using MS PowerPoint and discovered that I could capture the screen and add the voice over with Camtasia, the tool I have chosen to do the screen capture that will result in a video product.

That will save time later when I am editing the video. What a bonus!

I wanted to show the PLR license on one of the slides and discovered that I could not make changes to the product and sell it as my own. :-(

Now I need a new PLR product with the right licensing clauses before I continue any further. it is not always possible to get the license details before purchase which is a real pain. Oh well, live and learn, I say.

I do have a much clearer idea of what I will need to do now to complete this challenge so the time spent so far has not been a total loss.

Graphics are not my forte, so they will be done by GFX-1.  I have used them before and they do a great job for a reasonable price.

The sales letter rewriting will be done using KompoZer once I’m ready to capture the screencast. I will however, pre-write the changes I will make to ensure the video presentation will flow smoothly and  easily.

The form will be done through aWeber, my autoresponder and will be based on a previous squeeze page.

The screen capture and editing will be done using Camtasia.

That is the plan for the upcoming week which I will talk about next week.

List Building

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Hi, I’m back again!

This  last week has been busy learning the basics of list building, creating my first free product for distribution, preparing a sales letter, signing up to an Autoresponder, writing broadcast emails for subscribers and so much more.

List Building Components

The first step to success is of course having a loyal list of customers who like my products so much they want to buy them and tell all their friends about it so my list grows and grows. Problem is, how does one go about getting this list of customers in the first place?

Well, one way is to offer a free giveaway product with lots of useful information on a particular topic of interest to hoards of people who can’t wait to learn more about it especially if it’s free! Now what is better than free, I ask you? Not much! ;-)

So, I proceeded to put together a short document on how to make money with Private Label Rights (PLR) products. I researched the topic thoroughly, decided on the main points I wanted to cover, wrote down some bullets points, expanded each one until I had something I felt happy with and voila! One freebie to promote.

Now I needed a nice catchy title that could be translated into a unique domain name where I could place this document ready for promotion. Oh, and let’s not forget a cool cover to attract lots of interest in my audience. This is called branding.

Catchy title done! Making Money With PLR

Dot com domain available, yeah! Purchase done!

Now I needed a nice graphical image for the cover. I have a lot of skills but art and design is definitely not one of them. :-(

No need to panic, there are many options out there to get the work done by a third party for a reasonable price. Best known are www.fiverr.com, www.elance.com and www.odesk.com.

I personally think it best to spend a few dollars for a great visual result rather than try to save money and  end up with an unattractive representation of a product I spent time working on.

I contacted www.gfx-1.com, recommended by my coach Marc Milburn, telling them about my product and they very quickly came back with what I consider to be a very professional looking cover for my free giveaway product.


What, exactly, is an autoresponder?

It is a tool used to send emails to a specified list easily. It can be set up to send  emails on a predefined schedule so that for example if you want to send  3 consecutive emails about a product in the next week you can specify that the messages go out every 2 days after subscription.

It makes the whole business of staying in touch with a customer list much more manageable than by doing it by hand from an email account having to remember to send emails on a prearranged schedule to customers who have signed up on different days.

You can set up different lists for different products, write all the emails and the whole thing will work on automatic. Managing lists becomes really easy!

There are many free and paid choices but remember that free options are often very limited in what they offer so I recommend you do your homework before deciding on any particular option.

The most referred paid options are AWeber, Getresponse, iContact,  and MailChimp. However, Mailchimp does not allow links to be sent in the emails so before you go ahead and use it make sure that is not one feature that you will need in future.

Single or Double Opt-in?

I decided to use  double opt-in to ensure that anyone who signs up for the free report needs to confirm their email address before receiving the product. This is to avoid creating a list made up of fake or non-existent emails which will be of absolutely no use to me.

I prefer having a small confirmed list of members rather than a larger list which I really cannot trust to reflect actual members.

Once that decision had been made I created my opt-in form, wrote the “please confirm” and the follow up emails I was now ready for the next step, the list building machine!

HTML Here I Come

Now for the really fun part. ;-)

Only three more pages to go but they have to be in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and although I have worked with it before I am not overly fond of having to use it.

It basically requires me to program, an activity I have worked very hard to avoid because I get so frustrated with the tiny details.

However, I knew this day was coming and gritting my teeth I proceeded to write a capture page, a confirmation page and a download page for my mini site using a neat free tool called Kompozer which makes things much more efficient because it is WYSIWYG.


Once these three pages were error free and completed to my satisfaction I needed to upload them to my new domain via FTP. I will not bore you with the mechanics of this step as it is not relevant here.

Once uploaded, I tested that everything was indeed where it was meant to be and after some minor adjustments to the web form, adding the download link for the free report I tested again to make sure everything worked as expected.

A few iterations later, it was ready to go!

Check it out here: makingmoneywithplr