I’m on several mailing lists offering a variety of products which I look at if I feel they will meet a need as I move forward in this Internet Marketing journey to success.

This past week a product called Free-Images Pro written by DylanC came to my attention costing a little more than $7.00 and I thought I would take the time to have a look at what it offered because I am always on the lookout for either free or inexpensive ways of including images and photos in my products or blogs.

I was able to design a free eBook cover using http://www.createspace.com/Tools/CoverCreator.jsp in less than 5 minutes with background, image and title which is pretty impressive for my first time.


This package is very well priced with 42 pages of information laid out in 19 chapters that include more than 100 links to sites providing photos,  images, graphics and much more. Read the rest of this entry