Once again I find myself on the last day of the month writing my blog post. Oh well, no one can ever say that I am not consistent!

When I began this blog over a year ago, I was aware that I needed to be visible to more than just the few people who might come across my blog accidentally as they were searching for a particular topic or subject. The most efficient way to do this is of course to make use of Social Media particularly Twitter and Facebook so I set up a new account for each that was independent from my personal accounts, @NadineHowardIM and nadinehowardmarketing.

I planned to post regularly to both these accounts but I have found that I have posted multiple Tweets almost everyday but I have posted very little to Facebook.


I first had to establish a regular tweeting schedule to ensure I would get into the habit of signing in to Twitter daily, found material I thought interesting or thought provoking for my followers and posted at least 3 or 4 tweets each time.

At the time I began this process, I was taking a dietary supplement first thing in the morning and had to wait 30 minutes before I could begin to eat my breakfast. I thought this was an ideal opportunity to sign in and research various blogs, newsletters, articles, magazines and news outlet on Social Media, Blogging, WordPress, Video integration, Motivation and so on to find material I could tweet about and post to my followers.

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Video Production

I’ve been away for a good two weeks already. I  just can’t believe how fast time is going by while I move forward in my Internet journey  acquiring new software tools and learning new skills while I master each tool to help me reach my goal.

A challenge was issued to my Internet coaching group to find a PLR product, rebrand it, re-write the sales letter and integrate it with a payment process, put the whole thing online and document the process in the form of a screencast video.

I can never resist a challenge :-).

First, I needed a plan on how to achieve this goal of producing a video product. I used to do project management so I’m used to breaking down any project into a list of tasks to be done in a sequential manner to finally arrive at the finish line.

Alright, what was needed?

  1. PLR product with a license that would allow me to make changes and publish as my own product.
  2. New domain name for online access of video product.
  3. New graphics for cover and minisite where the finished product would be sold.
  4. Editor to rewrite the sales letter which is in HTML.
  5. Form where buyers would enter their name and email address to purchase the product, also known as a squeeze page.
  6. Software to capture my computer screen in video format as I went about documenting the changes I was making to the original product, sales letter and so on.
  7. Software to create slides for introduction and conclusion of video.

I purchased a PLR e-Book product called “Social Media Marketing 101″, came up with a new title for the e-Book and the video presentation and secured a new domain name.

Then, I went to create the introductory slides using MS PowerPoint and discovered that I could capture the screen and add the voice over with Camtasia, the tool I have chosen to do the screen capture that will result in a video product.

That will save time later when I am editing the video. What a bonus!

I wanted to show the PLR license on one of the slides and discovered that I could not make changes to the product and sell it as my own. :-(

Now I need a new PLR product with the right licensing clauses before I continue any further. it is not always possible to get the license details before purchase which is a real pain. Oh well, live and learn, I say.

I do have a much clearer idea of what I will need to do now to complete this challenge so the time spent so far has not been a total loss.

Graphics are not my forte, so they will be done by GFX-1.  I have used them before and they do a great job for a reasonable price.

The sales letter rewriting will be done using KompoZer once I’m ready to capture the screencast. I will however, pre-write the changes I will make to ensure the video presentation will flow smoothly and  easily.

The form will be done through aWeber, my autoresponder and will be based on a previous squeeze page.

The screen capture and editing will be done using Camtasia.

That is the plan for the upcoming week which I will talk about next week.

E-Mail Campaign Strategy

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

As an internet marketer belonging to multiple lists, I receive offers for products practically on a daily basis most of which I ignore usually because of time constraints especially if the subject line does not grab my interest immediately.

I know I’m not the only one to do this, so when it comes time for me to send out emails to my list it is important to craft each  message to not only maximize the open rate but increase  the optin or sale rate as well.

Subscriber Avatar

To achieve these goals, I need to spend time getting to know my subscribers properly. I need to know exactly who I am talking to when I write a blog or email to make sure the information I provide is something of value to them because I know their needs, desires and what motivates them.

Otherwise, I am just working blind, here, and I am not likely to hit any target audience any time soon.

I need to know what age group they fall into, are they male or female, how much do they earn, do they have children, what type of clothes do they wear, what is their mental state, what hobbies interest them.

I need to know what their ambitions and dreams are, what goals  they want to achieve in the short and long term and  how  they measure success in their lives.

What are their fears and frustrations, what makes them angry, what hurts them what are they looking for to solve these problems.

Who do they listen to and respect, who is holding them back or putting them down.

Once I have a clear understanding of my subscriber needs and wants, I can begin providing them with products, information and affiliate offers that will make their life easier and help them achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Perfect E-mail

Each email I send should only have one purpose or goal. The subscriber when reading the e-mail will immediately understand whether this is a sales e-mail, and informational e-mail, a notification of an upcoming webinar or product in development, or a request for feedback on a product purchased at an earlier date.

If for some reason I have two different topics to cover, I will write two separate emails and not write about both. This would be counterproductive and confusing for the reader.

The subject line needs to grab the readers ‘ attention and make them open the email to find out more. Short and snappy wins the day, here. I save great subject lines in a folder that I refer to when sending emails so I can  imitate them, never copy them!

A short two line introduction comes next to keep up the interest. This can be a reference to something personal that happened on the day of writing and leads in to what is written in the main body of the message. “I just returned from picking up the paper and this happened which made me think of …”

The body of the email will contain the bulk of my writing and explain all the reasons and benefits of the offer. This is where storytelling comes into play to illustrate any point I am trying to make. I might choose to talk about case studies I’ve found which demonstrate the value of the offer or show examples of how it has benefited others.

I’ll make sure to give several reasons why I think this is something the reader will want to have a look at. After all, people are attracted to the same thing for many different reasons. The more information I provide the better the understanding of the readership.

Then comes the call to action, unless this is an informative email or I am requesting feedback only. This call to action will usually include a link to another site to sign up to an upcoming event, grab a free giveaway or check out a new product. All these offers are directly aimed at the needs of my subscribers to make sure I am not wasting their time sending them information about products they do not want or need.

Finally comes the close where I  may give more reasons why I think the product or webinar or whatever, will have value for the reader.

PS comes after the signature and reinforces the need to act quickly; webinar starts in a few hours, only a few copies are available, the sales deadline is approaching, price increase is coming up.

I hope you find this short expose on email marketing to your liking.

Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Dynamics

New week, new post!

I’m really excited today to tell you what I have been learning this week to help me move forward in my journey to build an Internet Marketing business.

It has been a very hot, sunny week here in Vancouver and I am guilty of spending a lot of my time on the balcony during meal time staying much too long over my coffee or tea reading a novel.

You see, in the winter we get a lot of rain. I mean, a lot of rain. Along with this rain, it is very dark and gloomy all day long. I feel as though I am living in a cave or as if it is perpetually nightfall.

A couple of years ago we had 72 consecutive days of rain. A record. Yes, you read that right over 2 months without ever seeing the sun or getting even a glimpse of blue sky. It was very depressing. So, you’ll understand that when the sun shines I want to take full advantage of it and I do.

At the same time, I am aware that to move forward on this journey of mine I must put in the time to learn and put into practice every little bit of knowledge I acquire.

 List Nurturing

I last wrote about building a list by offering  a free giveaway product. Now, what do I do with it?

The most important thing for me to do is to stay in touch with the people who were interested enough to opt in by asking me to send them my freebie.

This will let them know that I care about them as people, that they are not just a list of faceless robots out there who are willing to buy from me.

I’ll send them an email with some additional information related to the  free giveaway product they may be interested in. Then I might  send them an email with a link to an affiliate offer explaining why I think they may find it useful.

I’ll follow by asking them how they liked the free giveaway product, what they liked best, what else they may want to know on this topic.

I’ll send them notification of my new blog posts and ask them if they have suggestions for topics they would like to read about in later posts .

I’ll ask them about who they are: their gender, nationality, age group, marital status, income range, hobbies and interests, what are their dreams, goals and what are they trying to achieve in their lives.

I’ll send them a short multiple choice survey  to find out what aspect of internet marketing they need or want most to find out about so I can provide them with what interests them rather than what I think they want.

Too often we make assumptions about others but until we actually ask these questions we really have no clue.

We may think we are attracting young, hip, males under 30 years of age when in fact our list consists mainly of individuals over 40 who are fed up of working for a boss, want to work from home to be close to their families or just want to make an extra $1000 – $2000 a month to fund their hobbies.

Knowing who is on  my list will help me establish a trusting relationship with the people behind the names. People don’t just buy products. They buy from those they know, like and trust.

Enjoy your life!

Video Ads

Video ads are taking the Internet world by storm.

Viewers can’t seem to get enough of it with literally billions being watched each month!

Here is my first attempt at creating a short video using VideoMakerFX.

I’d love to hear your comments on this video.



Traffic Triggers

IMG_0066It seems it has been a while since I last wrote a blog.  Not that I have been idle, what with walking Lola (seen here on the left walking along the beach) several times a day, volunteering, visiting with friends and of course, pursuing my education in the intricacies of Internet Marketing.

Writing a blog is only the first step in my journey to success. What is really much more important is attracting readers who will benefit from the knowledge I have acquired along the way.

These readers are referred as Traffic in web speak and I would like to mention some of the popular methods used to obtain lots of free trageted traffic to any website in any niche you can possibly think of.

How do you get your share of traffic?

You need to flood your websites with targeted traffic that is genuinely interested in your offers, and who will become part of your customer base. Relevant, targeted – and active traffic that will power your business and fuel your marketing campaigns.

There are over 40 different ways to generate traffic to your website but I will only cover the Top Three methods: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Forum Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Most often called SEO, so that you are able to generate organic traffic from the major search engines, you need to first focus on optimizing every square inch of your website.

Organic traffic is the crème de la crème of traffic, as it’s natural and targeted. Organic traffic  comes directly to your site after a user enters in relevant keyword phrases that the search engine has identified as being associated with your site.

Optimizing your website is relatively simple but it does involve editing different areas of your HTML pages. To start, you need to include a title for every page of your site, each one including relevant keyword strings based on what your website is about.

You want each page title to carry a different keyword phrase, so that you are able to rank for various phrases within the search engines.

Next, you will want to include a meta description that includes important information regarding your website. Meta descriptions provide a summary to visitors of your website from the search engines and also help spiders identify what your website is about.

You should also use the <h1> tag throughout your pages to separate sections of your page with Headings. H1 instructs search engine spiders to pay particular attention to text located within the heading, and also helps visitors identify important areas of your site.

Another very important element to SEO is including a site map on your website. What a site map does is helps both visitors and search engine spiders navigate their way throughout your pages and categories, by outlining all of the different areas of your site.

You can create a sitemap very easily by using free services such as:


Social Media

Nowadays, just about everyone has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Pinterest account, YouTube channel and a LinkedIn presence. Social marketing allows you to take a personal approach to connecting with your target audience, and in doing so, you can gain a better feel for what your audience is genuinely interested in and what motivates them into taking action.

The downside to social marketing used to be  that it was time consuming, as you had to update your profile accounts, status updates and send out messages and broadcasts in order to keep your accounts fresh.

Now your blog is propagated to  Twitter and Facebook automatically by using http://twitterfeed.com and linking the accounts.

You have probably noticed that  I have a floating bar on the left of my blog which allows readers to share my content with their social media leading to even more traffic!

This is done by the plugin Sharebar which adds a floating Social media bar on the left or right of your blog https://wordpress.org/plugins/sharebar.

Another Social Media plugin,  Shareaholic adds an attractive social bookmarking menu and related content widget to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of the three:https://wordpress.org/plugins/shareaholic/( see below and above right).

Forum Marketing

One of the easiest ways of generating traffic to your website is through forum marketing.

Not only will you be able to claim your share of traffic but forums provide you with the opportunity to quickly build brand awareness, so that you are recognized as an authority in your market.

You will need to spend time providing quality information to the community, as well as helping members by addressing questions, offering guidance, and doing your best to contribute to the network, but it’s one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your website, absolutely free.

Allocate 1 hour a day to marketing your business via community forums, but make sure to promote INDIRECTLY! You want your website to be seen within your forum’s signature box, rather than in spamming your link within discussion threads or posts, otherwise you’ll lose your account and likely end up banned from the community.

You also want to focus only on active, established forums, keeping in mind that your posts will be quickly indexed, sending additional traffic to your website from the search engines directly.

Some popular forums to explore: