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Once again I find myself on the last day of the month writing my blog post. Oh well, no one can ever say that I am not consistent!

When I began this blog over a year ago, I was aware that I needed to be visible to more than just the few people who might come across my blog accidentally as they were searching for a particular topic or subject. The most efficient way to do this is of course to make use of Social Media particularly Twitter and Facebook so I set up a new account for each that was independent from my personal accounts, @NadineHowardIM and nadinehowardmarketing.

I planned to post regularly to both these accounts but I have found that I have posted multiple Tweets almost everyday but I have posted very little to Facebook.


I first had to establish a regular tweeting schedule to ensure I would get into the habit of signing in to Twitter daily, found material I thought interesting or thought provoking for my followers and posted at least 3 or 4 tweets each time.

At the time I began this process, I was taking a dietary supplement first thing in the morning and had to wait 30 minutes before I could begin to eat my breakfast. I thought this was an ideal opportunity to sign in and research various blogs, newsletters, articles, magazines and news outlet on Social Media, Blogging, WordPress, Video integration, Motivation and so on to find material I could tweet about and post to my followers.

One of the best ways to find relevant material is to follow the twitter accounts of authority sites in the various topics I was interested in learning more about. This also has the advantage of making my Twitter account visible to other followers of these accounts which led to some people following me to see what I was offering. After eight months of pretty faithfully posting 3 – 4 tweets almost daily, I had 100 followers and followed a little more that 400 accounts.

This was really quite slow in terms of growing my following. I needed a new strategy and fast!

I found some free e-books on Social Web Traffic and began to make changes to the way I used my Twitter account and made use of several free tools to help me see how my account was changing.

First, I signed up with Buffer which allowed me to schedule 10 tweets in advance and spread them out throughout the day. This is really useful. It means I can concentrate my tweeting efforts over a short period in my day but be visible to others over a much longer period. I can even buffer posts right from my Twitter account once I linked the two accounts saving me a lot of time.

I discovered that a new Twitter account allows me to follow 2000 people but I need to build this over time and following 20 new people each day is plenty. There are other restrictions like only adding 10% more people than are following me once I have reached 2000. So if 200 people follow me, I can follow an additional 20 people.

This means I need  to make sure that those people I follow also follow me and I must unfollow those who don’t follow me to keep within the limits established by Twitter.

This is where Unfollowers.com comes in useful. It lets me see at a glance how many people I follow, how many are not following me and how many follow me but which I do not  follow. I can quickly unfollow and follow to keep my account relevant.

This has helped me grow my following to over 400 people in a few weeks and I noticed that the more followers I have the more quickly people begin to follow me. I am now going to learn more techniques to grow my following and will get back to you with some new results.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, do leave me a comment. I am always pleased to answer all your questions.





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