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I’ve been away for a good two weeks already. I  just can’t believe how fast time is going by while I move forward in my Internet journey  acquiring new software tools and learning new skills while I master each tool to help me reach my goal.

A challenge was issued to my Internet coaching group to find a PLR product, rebrand it, re-write the sales letter and integrate it with a payment process, put the whole thing online and document the process in the form of a screencast video.

I can never resist a challenge :-).

First, I needed a plan on how to achieve this goal of producing a video product. I used to do project management so I’m used to breaking down any project into a list of tasks to be done in a sequential manner to finally arrive at the finish line.

Alright, what was needed?

  1. PLR product with a license that would allow me to make changes and publish as my own product.
  2. New domain name for online access of video product.
  3. New graphics for cover and minisite where the finished product would be sold.
  4. Editor to rewrite the sales letter which is in HTML.
  5. Form where buyers would enter their name and email address to purchase the product, also known as a squeeze page.
  6. Software to capture my computer screen in video format as I went about documenting the changes I was making to the original product, sales letter and so on.
  7. Software to create slides for introduction and conclusion of video.

I purchased a PLR e-Book product called “Social Media Marketing 101″, came up with a new title for the e-Book and the video presentation and secured a new domain name.

Then, I went to create the introductory slides using MS PowerPoint and discovered that I could capture the screen and add the voice over with Camtasia, the tool I have chosen to do the screen capture that will result in a video product.

That will save time later when I am editing the video. What a bonus!

I wanted to show the PLR license on one of the slides and discovered that I could not make changes to the product and sell it as my own. :-(

Now I need a new PLR product with the right licensing clauses before I continue any further. it is not always possible to get the license details before purchase which is a real pain. Oh well, live and learn, I say.

I do have a much clearer idea of what I will need to do now to complete this challenge so the time spent so far has not been a total loss.

Graphics are not my forte, so they will be done by GFX-1.  I have used them before and they do a great job for a reasonable price.

The sales letter rewriting will be done using KompoZer once I’m ready to capture the screencast. I will however, pre-write the changes I will make to ensure the video presentation will flow smoothly and  easily.

The form will be done through aWeber, my autoresponder and will be based on a previous squeeze page.

The screen capture and editing will be done using Camtasia.

That is the plan for the upcoming week which I will talk about next week.

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